Personal Fitness Training


As a Personal Fitness Trainer, my goal is to help you reach YOUR best level of "Personal Fitness".


"Personal Fitness" is the level of physical health that each person needs to perform their own day-to-day activities:







These are the movements necessary for our bodies to be able to do what life requires of us.

Whether that means lifting children out of a stroller, training for your first 5K, participating in a team sport, or simply wanting to feel better in your body, your "Personal Fitness" level is specific to you and what works for your lifestyle.


Everyone is unique, and the type of exercise that works for one person, may not work as well for another.  Additionally, the type of movement that you find enjoyable may be different from others as well. 


Together we will find what type of activities YOU enjoy; which ones will get you to YOUR "Personal Fitness" goals; and which ones will assist you in living a healthy and happy life.



As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I believe very strongly that physical movement plays a vital role in our overall sense of wellness.  As your "Personal Fitness Trainer", I will meet you where you are currently with your physical activity level and assist you in finding NEW ways to help you reach a fitness level that will make your life more enjoyable. 

Whether you are currently completely sedentary, are trying to reshape your body, are participating in an organized sport, or are simply looking to shake things up with your current exercise routine, I will help you reach your goals. 


Life is hectic, and time is a precious commodity. 

Let me help you effectively use physical activity to reach your "Personal Fitness" goals and get closer to feeling abundantly well.


Together we will:

  • Examine your current level of Personal Fitness and determine how to get you closer to where you want to be
  • Find out what your body’s own needs and possible limitations are
  • Set new Personal Fitness goals for you, and create enjoyable ways to reach them
  • Develop a weekly activity plan to fit your personal lifestyle

Personal Fitness Trainer sessions:

  • Can be designed for and completed at the gym or your own home 
  • Come in a variety of packages based on your schedule and availability
  • Will incorporate cardiovascular and weight-bearing activities as well as flexibility training
  • Are specific to YOU and what YOUR Personal Fitness goals are.

To find out how Personal Fitness Training can help YOU,
I invite you to schedule a
free initial consultation with me.
During this session, we will discuss your current activity level and determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!